Pete Malaguti

Right now … I’m enjoying just playing with paint.

After graduating from Sheridan College, and for the past 35 years, I’ve been a commercial artist, simultaneously working for Engineering firms as a Technical Illustrator, ( drawing parts of Jet engines or Gear housings ) and freelancing as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director in the Advertising business. As a professional, my creativity was a little stifled because everything I did was to a client’s specific Marketing requirements and to a tight deadline.

So I’m just getting re-acquainted with the traditional media of Acrylics, Watercolour and Pastel, because for the last 15 years I’ve created visuals on the computer … and it’s a real treat to get back to expressing my creativity without a mouse or monitor!

I love being in the Mountains and have hiked and backpacked in the Rockies, Alaska and the Himalayas. More recently I’ve done backcountry camping / canoeing in Algonquin, Temagami and Killarney Parks and they’re all enormous sources of inspiration. The photos I’ve taken in these places, will get some attention in the Studio.

My 1st backcountry camping trip, 31 years ago, was to Mt Robson Park, near Jasper Alberta. What an Inspiration!

I just didn’t have the time or the Creative energy to paint these spectacular views

… Now … I do!

The artwork you’ll see … doesn’t have a theme or emotional expression, it’s just play. I’m playing with these media … and let’s see what happens.

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