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An award winning graphic designer with over 35 years of experience in the corporate end of the art world.

Once an aspiring and promising illustrator, who worked with oils, inks, pentel pencils, markers and even graphite switched to pursue a more practical career in graphic arts (for family needs) Ron's illustrative talents were put on the back burner for nearly 35 years, (only doing typical product drawings and charts for commercial use). During his time in the graphics arts industry he obtained professional designations from both The Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD) and The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (MGDC). He also participated on several judging panels local, national and international for creative excellence as well as Chairing the committee that coordinated The ACE (Advertising Creative Excellence) Awards (for 10 years) celebrating creative excellence in the Niagara area.

His illustrative talents were hidden so much so that his own children did not know about the talents their dad had, until once again he picked up his tools and went back to work. This time working with a different medium than in the past, working with water colours. Ron has rejuvenated his long since abandon talents one stroke at a time. Since starting back up he has also worked his way back working in oils as well.

Thanks to modern day forms of media his paintings have been viewed and appreciated world wide, his paintings have been on display with Fine Art America, (which sells art prints world wide), for several years. Loving nature and the beauty of our great country Ron's paintings are a little bit of self indulgence. He creates subjects using pieces of multiple images (trees, skies, rocks, water) and his graphics background to create images that will bring challenges to his creative skills and enjoyment while painting them. He hopes that others get as much enjoyment from the finished results as he did from creating them.

Most often he hears people trying to identify the area depicted, which shows him that they are identifying their memories with the piece. This shows him that the images are working as he has succeeded in starting the story and the viewer is completing it with their owns memories.

Many people have said his works resemble those of Tom Thompson and others have said that they look more like Monet, regardless he is just being himself and enjoying the time spent creating them and hopes others enjoy them.. Ron believes

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