Members - Mandy Tam-Luk

Mandy Tam-Luk is an artist who enjoys capturing tender moments of life and sharing them as painted stories of the human spirit. Began as a community and commission artist, Mandy was gifted the chance to create works based on the inspiring lives of people she was privileged to meet. She has experienced firsthand when art is made accessible to all in safe spaces, it can bring about community dialogue, reflection and healing. Whether her work is depicting wildlife, people, or a quiet landscape, it is her love for community, storytelling, and simple joys of everyday life that spur her on in her creative journey.

Since 2020, Mandy has added to her portfolio over 80 paintings and drawings in acrylic, oil pastel, pastel, watercolour, and oil. Her past affiliations in the Niagara art community included: Third Space Café, The HUB Art Gallery, Queen Street Artists' Group (QSAG), Parkway Artists' Guild (PAG), Supporting Women, Femme & Trans Artists Group (SWFT), and St. Catharines Art Association (SCAA). As Tender Arts Niagara, Mandy collaborated with other artists by organizing and hosting community workshops, and participating in art events in and beyond the Niagara Region.

"My painted stories are about self-discovery through the characters I depict. Much of my work explores and celebrates how identities and relationships form the fabric of our daily lives. I am often empowered and moved to create because of the beauty within our human condition, " -- Mandy Tam-Luk

You can view Mandy's complete collection and reach her at the links below:

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