Ellie Ruddle

Having an interest in sketching, painting and artistic design started over forty years ago while living in Toronto. In the late 1960s moved back to my hometown St. Catharines, it was at that time the passion for painting became serious for me. Being fortunate to have great instructors that guided my journey and peaked my interest in different techniques with brush and pallet knife creations.

Early works were created in sketching and oil painting. Being blessed with inspiring teachers, helping me to branch out and experiment with different colour pallets. In 2014 teachers encouraging me towards transitioning into using acrylic paints and the vast array of colours available that would enhance the creativity in my work.

Presently an active member of the St. Catharines Art Association and Niagara Artist Centre. Current works may be viewed at local art events, private shows and various Art Galleries and Wineries in the Niagara Peninsula. At the 2017 ‘Art Lovers Affair’ held by Hernders Wineries, it was an honour to have one of my paintings chosen to be placed in the Auction main event.

Lately, I have branched out to paint on larger canvases and have formed a technique that makes the painting appear translucent and more delicate to the viewer. It is an honour for me to do Commission pieces for my patrons which I truly enjoy.

Ellie Ruddle

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