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David Low - Artist's Statement - Thoughts of Photographic Art

Photography is one of those technological miracles, that become second nature to us, and we take it for granted. How amazing is it that we can absolutely freeze a magical moment in time?

As a visual artist, it is mesmerizing and so often humbling, as we try for a perfect photo. Or even worse, it makes us feel that we can end our quest, because we will never capture a photo as good as the last one. It defeats us, when we miss a shot by a fraction of a second, and we can only visualize an uncaptured scene, in our minds eye, never to be shared with another person.

With cell phones, it is a part of everyday life and it becomes electrifying when it grants us those rare moments, when not only do we see an event or subject, but we are empowered to hold and maybe treasure that fleeting moment in time, forever.

I always look for scenes that are different from what you might normally see. This collection includes some unique photographic art that includes: thought provoking pieces, what it looks like to have a Prairie Fire advancing towards you, a detailed panorama that documents a point in the history of downtown St. Catharines, a fire breathing horse, a strange water polo team, the mystery of a disappearing railway car, and an answer to the question of whether "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence". Enjoy your visit to the visual collection.

Many pieces can be provided in sizes tailored to your décor and space.

David Low - Photographic Artist - Biography

David's lifetime interest in photographic art has taken him to many locations around the world in pursuit of images that form the core of his Fine Art Photography portfolio. While the majority of his work is landscape, he has undertaken assignments for special events and concerts. His award winning work has grown from extensive self study and seminars, as well as participation in many Art and Photographic Associations and Guilds.

David's photographic art has been exhibited in numerous juried shows including the Art Gallery of Burlington, the corporate headquarters of Great West Life and Cre8ery Gallery - Winnipeg. Solo and joint exhibits have included the Blankstein Gallery - Winnipeg, SCAA Millpond Art Show, Objects to Desire - Grimsby, Pumphouse Gallery - Niagara on the Lake, 2018 Juried Exhibit - Grimsby Art Gallery and the Rosberg Gallery - Niagara Falls. In 2022 one of his works: Niagara Dawn,was selected for the official art collection of Niagara Falls. In February 2023 we realized a dream, with a joint curated show, with Janice Low, called the "His and Hers" Exhibit, at the Niagara Falls Art Gallery.

He is a member of SCAA, Niagara Nature Club, Castellani Art Museum, the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre NotL, and is a Past President of the Latow Photographers Guild and current President of the St. Catharines Artists Association.

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