Events - September Meeting, 2019

SPECIAL this Month: Membership Renewal from 5:30 to 6:30 pm

MEETING: 7:00 pm


Welcome back for another exciting year of SCAA meetings! Join us for Pizza and a fun evening!


Regular ($35) or Full-time Student ($20), + optional photo gallery ($10), can be paid by cash or cheque. As of Oct. 1, the membership fee for renewals is $40.

Come between anytime after 5 pm. Membership Renewal ends at 6:30 pm.


We are very excited to have Bart Gazzola once again as our "Guest Art Expert" for Critique night. Mr. Gazzola has published with Canadian Art, FUSE, Galleries West, PrairieSeen, Hamilton Arts & Letters, BlackFlash and Magenta.

His past curatorial projects include REGION (Contemporary Saskatchewan Painting) and Personal Geographies (an overview of The Photographers Gallery collection) and has collaborated on an international exchange exhibition.

Mr. Gazzola was Editorial Chair of BlackFlash Magazine in Saskatoon (3 years), and for approximately 14 years was the visual arts critic for Planet S Magazine ( For more than a dozen years he taught digital media at the University of Saskatchewan and is a founding member of PAVED Arts, a non-profit, community-based organization that exists to advance knowledge and practices in Photography, Audio, Video, Electronic and Digital Arts, and which helps artists and independent producers make and exhibit their work. He has served on boards and worked at galleries in Saskatoon and Windsor, ON.

His most recent exhibition was The Performative Lens, is the only artist from Saskatoon to exhibit in Gallery 44’s annual PROOF exhibition, and has shown at Platform (MB), Alternator (BC) and Forest City Gallery (ON).

These days, Mr. Gazzola has become a regular contributor to The Sound in St. Catharines, and is still contributing to many of the same magazines, online and otherwise, but translating his ideas to this new/old place of the GTA and Niagara Region.

His interests focus on sites of contested narratives, both in the immediate areas where he lives and in the larger national theatre. Go to his blog: "The A Word" ( ) for more articles and show information.


Bring in a piece of your artwork to have critiqued. This replaces the Art Challenge for this month.


Take place on the fourth Tuesday of every month, 6:30 to 9:30 pm from September through June (except December and January) at:

The First Grantham United Church, 415 Linwell Rd., St. Catharines.

Enjoy meeting with fellow members over coffee, tea, and sweet treats.