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Tina creates abstract paintings in her home studio in Milton, Ontario. Her paintings are alive with movement, colour, and expression.

For Tina, painting is a reflective, contemplative, and intuitive experience, when memories and imagination mingle and inform each new piece. To keep things fresh, she likes to play with palette and style, and delights in the expression of each painting as it emerges.

Since retiring in 2012, her work has been in several shows and juried exhibits in Milton, Hamilton, Toronto, and the Niagara Peninsula.

“I marvel at the wonders I spy through a window, up a tree, at the side of the road, beyond the shore...
... fleeting glimpses, tracks in the snow, shadows cast, mist floating, milky skies, seasons changing, and the stillness of being.
Nature that lives and breathes.
My paintings ... emergent and evanescent ... reflect the love and joy I feel for this vast and beautiful world. I welcome you to share them with me.”

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