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Stephanie Linden Barta currently lives in Port Colborne Ontario, but lived in Fonthill for most of her life. She has an Honours Double Major degree in fine art and classical music from Brock University, 1997-2001, and received Outstanding Achievement Awards for both her majors there. She also enjoyed the Graphic Arts and Design program at Niagara College, 1995-1997, graduating with honours. She works in many styles and mediums, with varying subject matter. Her favourite medium is acrylic paints on stretched canvas; she loves the vivid colours this medium produces. She also has experience in water colours, chalk and oil pastels, oil sticks, coloured pencils, charcoal, artist's markers, pencil and ink, etc. Subject matter varies from the moody and personal, to celebrations of bright colour and form in large abstract pieces. Both abstract and realistic styles are explored in her body of work. Painting has always been a form of therapy for Stephanie, a way of putting thoughts and emotions into images on canvas or paper; a way to communicate with others how she is feeling, in a way words never could convey.

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