Esa Nieminen

Esa has been a full time artist all his life. Over the years, he has exhibited his art work in numerous art exhibits. Esa has a studio-gallery in Port Colborne where you can see his latest art work. You can contact Esa for a commission work to paint your favourite subject.

Esa has authored a series of four books, called Esa’s Art Designs, and his designs have been published in many art-related magazines.

He has also developed a special leaf stippler, Esa’s Leaf Stippler, to create beautiful foliage and leaves. As well, Esa has beautiful custom-made frames for your artwork. Bring your favourite art to his studio and he will be glad to make a beautiful frame to meet your specifications.

Esa is active in teaching painting-workshops and participating in art exhibitions. His art covers a wide spectrum of subjects from tranquil landscapes to city and marine sceneries. Esa teaches at special events, conventions, and painting guilds. A few times a year he holds Creative Painting Workshops in his studio. It is a perfect place for painting and creating art with the natural light filtering through the ceiling sky-lights.


“There is always a painting in progress, or I might start something, completely new. I try to have an overall plan of what I am going to paint, but sometimes when I feel spontaneous, I just start painting. In the beginning, I might have some idea what I will paint, but at the end, the painting might be totally different from what I had in mind when I started. Sometimes I create textured, raised effects on a painting. I apply thick paint with rough brushstrokes, creating an interesting, dynamic texture on a painting. My styles and techniques have always been versatile. My artwork covers a wide spectrum of subjects from tranquil landscapes to city and marine sceneries”. Painting is a lifelong experience and I hope that you take a moment to view my latest artwork when visiting the Niagara area”.


Esa supports and is a member of several art organizations throughout the Niagara Region:

South Niagara Artists (
St. Catharines Art Association (
Visual Artists of Welland (
Parkway Artists Guild (


Pelham Art Festival, Fonthill, ON (May)
Port Colborne Art Crawl, Port Colborne, ON (June)
Circle of Art Exhibition, Crystal Beach, ON (July)
Art at The Pumphouse, Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON (August)
South Niagara Artists’ Studio Tour, Fort Erie-Port Colborne, ON (August)
Artisan Market, Hamilton, ON (September)
Friends of Roselawn Christmas Market, Port Colborne, ON (November)
Muskoka Bay Gallery & Pottery, Gravenhurst, ON (year round)


Esa-Studio Gallery in Port Colborne will hold a 1-day workshop called "GREAT LAKES LIGHT" on Wednesday, Apr. 7, Thursday, Apr. 8, or Friday, Apr. 9, 2021, whichever date suits you better.

We will have the current pandemic protocols in place in the class:

The class size will be limited to maximum 4 students to a class to maintain a safe 6 feet social-distancing. Because the mandatory mask protocol is in effect, please bring your own mask that you can wear during the whole class time. Disinfectant and paper towels will be available. Please bring your own mask.

The teacher will no longer go from table to table to help, but the students can bring their art to the teacher’s desk in front and get help from a safe, proper distance.

See the poster for more details in the photo gallery below.

Esa will teach you step-by-step, how to create and paint this art work. Everyone will have a beautiful painting painted at the end of the day. Class fee is $75.00 (no credit cards or e-transfers please). There are no other costs. You can pay on the morning of the workshop.

The cost includes all materials used in the class (such as prepared painting surface and paints). The frame is optional. We will have everything supplied in the class, so you do not need to bring anything to this workshop. We paint with acrylic paints, and as a result, there is no turpentine or other solvents used at class. The painting workshop runs from 9 am to afternoon.

You can bring your own lunch, if you wish. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic protocols, we cannot serve coffee, tea or snacks, so please bring your own beverage. Also, bring your own mask that you can wear during the class time.

If you have any questions, please contact Maila Nieminen, Teaching Workshop Coordinator, Esa Studio-Gallery, 471 Stanley Street, Port Colborne, ON, L3K 3A8

Phone: 905.835.5648

Stay tuned for information about new workshops coming soon!

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