Members - Dr. Sueda Akkor

I am a Canadian visual artist of Turkish origins and started my ‘Journey in Art’ on the West Coast of Canada re-locating to Niagara region of Ontario in 2013.
I lived in Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia for 30 years pursuing a full time career in health care. I started taking courses at Emily Carr School of Fine Arts in Vancouver and did various workshops with many west coast artists and I have been inspired by many more whose works I have been fortunate enough to see in various galleries all over the world. My works are in private collections in Canada, British Columbia and Ontario, Turkey and England. Photos during various travels and walks inspire my paintings depicting landscapes and situations, small and large.
My move to Niagara region of Ontario has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion for painting. Taking art courses at Brock University has been inspirational. I continue to paint local scenes and scenes from my travels to capture moments and express with colours the beauty and mystery of… my journey in life…

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