Members - Carmela Rinaldis

The love of art was always present since Carmela’s childhood, but had not made it a priority in her youth studies. It eventually devolved into a hobby in the mid 80’s while she was living in Italy as a stay-at-home mom. Artistic inspiration came from the beautiful landscapes of the olive groves and the vibrant colours of the poppy fields.
Once returned to Canada, the hobby became dormant as full time work became priority. It was only when she attended an art show for the first time that a new spark of inspiration and desire to paint became alive again and was enthusiastically moved to explore new mediums such as watercolour and acrylics.
Today, her work is exhibited and sold at various art shows.
Being a proud member of various Art Associations, she also participates in workshops and has recently joined a weekly art class to improve her techniques and artistic vision.
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Instagram @ziameme65

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