Events - May Meeting, 2018

Esa has been an artist over 45 years. More recently, he has been creating beautiful modern and abstract paintings on metal surfaces. Join him as he demonstrates how to bring the special luminosity of a metal surface to life in an acrylic painting. You can see the captivating effects of painting on metal in the examples of his work below.


Over the years, Esa has exhibited his work in numerous art exhibits. He has a studio-gallery in Port Colborne where people can visit him and see his latest art work.

Esa has been painting his entire life. There is always a painting in progress, and even still, he might start something completely new. "I try to have an overall plan of what I am going to paint, but sometimes when I feel spontaneous, I just start painting. In the beginning, I might have some idea what I will paint, but at the end, the painting might be totally different from what I had in mind when I started."

Some of Esa's paintings are pallet knife work: "I like the clean, simple effect that it brings to the painting." Sometimes he creates textured, raised effects on a painting: "I apply thick paint with rough brushstrokes, creating an interesting, dynamic texture on a painting." His styles and techniques have always been versatile.

His artwork covers a wide spectrum of subjects from modern to abstract. He used to paint with oils and watercolours, but for many years now, he has been painting with acrylics only.

Esa has authored a series of four books called Esa’s Art Designs, and his designs have been published in many art-related magazines.

He has also developed a special leaf stippler with synthetic “bristles” for its spring and durability. You can create beautiful foliage and leaves with this special Esa’s Leaf Stippler.

Esa is still active in teaching painting workshops and participating in art exhibitions. He teaches at special events, conventions and painting guilds. A few times a year he holds Creative Painting Workshops in his in-home studio-gallery, a perfect place to paint with the natural light filtering through the ceiling sky-lights. He supplies everything, with no need for participants to bring anything, just their enthusiasm.

New Painting Opportunity at Esa Studio-Gallery:

For those of you who would like to create a beautiful painting in 2½ hours, join Esa for "Wednesday Night is Painting Night", starting at 6 pm. The spring season runs on Wednesdays between April 25 – June 13. For more information, see the brochure in the images below or open the PDF file attached.

Join Esa for his painting demonstration at the Legion Hall in Port Dalhousie on Tuesday, May 22, 2018. He will also have many of his specialty supplies available for purchase, including his Leaf Stippler and much, much more.

Art Challenge: Blossom Parade

When not specified otherwise, meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of every month, beginning at 6:30 pm from August through June (except December) at The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 350, 57 Lakeport Road, Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines. Enjoy meeting with fellow members over coffee, tea, and sweet treats.