Events - April Meeting, 2019

PRESENTATION: Cast Paper Demonstration by Edward Leidel

Ed has been making Cast Paper Castings for over five years. He is self-taught.

Cast Paper Bas-Relief Sculpture is unlike Prints and Paintings that are works "on paper"; with cast paper " the paper" is the art.
This is NOT papier maché. Come see what it is.

(Artwork shown: "Flowers and Vines" by Ed Leidel, Cast Paper Relief on Canvas, 30"x30")

Also, bring in your paintings for this month's ART CHALLENGE:


Treat us to your creations with scenes inspired by this welcome turn of season, and be sure to bring along the title and medium on a slip of paper.

Members Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of every month, 6:30 to 9:30 pm from September through June (except December and January) at:

The First Grantham United Church, 415 Linwell Rd., St. Catharines.

Enjoy meeting with fellow members over coffee, tea, and sweet treats.