Noticeboard - Online Course for Acrylic Painters of All Skill Levels


Since 1982, Mike Svob has been a full-time artist based in Vancouver, Canada. He is the author of "Paint Red Hot Landscapes That Sell” and a former president of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Over the past 30 years, he has shared his skills and love for painting via workshops across North America and Europe. Through these workshops, he has taught and mentored hundreds of artists at different stages in their development.

This Fall, he is embarking on a new and exciting project - an ONLINE COURSE FOR ACRYLIC PAINTERS OF ALL SKILL LEVELS. You can get a taste of the course and his teaching style on his new YouTube Channel (link below) where he shares painting tips, techniques, and business advice on a weekly basis.

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"When I was the President of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), we constantly struggled to get quality resource materials to share with our members. I have written three articles for beginner, intermediate and advanced painters that I am happy to share with you. Feel free to access them (link below)."

Mike Svob