Noticeboard - "Lighthouse by the Lake " 1-Day Creative Painting Workshop

Hello Painting Friends,

We hope that everyone has stayed healthy this year and avoided Covid-19. After much thought, we have decided to start the first class of the year here in Esa Studio-Gallery in Port Colborne.

We will have the current pandemic protocols in place in the class:

The class size will be limited to maximum 4 students to a class to maintain a safe 6 feet social-distancing. Because the mandatory mask protocol is in effect, please bring your own mask that you can wear during the whole class time. Disinfectant and paper towels will be available.

The teacher will no longer go from table to table to help, but the students can bring their art to the teacher’s desk in front and get help from a safe, proper distance. Because of Covid-19, to be safe, we cannot serve coffee, tea or snacks, so please bring your own beverage.

We welcome any questions you may have.

I have attached the information sheet about "Lighthouse by the Lake," the artwork to be painted in this class. Please take a moment to read the attached information, and if you can come, decide which day is best for you to paint this beautiful marine scene.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Teaching Workshop Coordinator

Esa Studio-Gallery
471 Stanley Street
Port Colborne, ON

Tel/Text: 905.835.5648