Noticeboard - Fine Art Exhibition at 13th Street Winery

Only 6 days from now, I will be opening the doors at the stunning 13th Street Winery (1776 Fourth Avenue, St. Catharines, ON) to welcome you to my first annual exhibit, “Time Well Wasted (and Other Joyful Diversions),” with fellow artist Jennifer Elliotson!

The idea behind the show is to create pieces that celebrate the fine art of wasting time, but doing so in the best possible way!

Put away your phone and ‘to do’ list, leave your worries behind, and set out with no deadlines, no restrictions, and no particular goal in mind other than to just enjoy being in the moment.

The works I will be offering focus on the innocent but enchanting activities of children. I will also have a large floral piece, which is the largest I have ever painted!! Below, is a ‘sneak peek’ of 3 of the 10 pieces I will have at the show. (See more at

Jennifer Elliotson is also busily preparing a number of pieces for the show. If you don’t know her work, you can check out her website ( or her Instagram page (

Jennifer will have a number of pieces that focus on the time we spend when we head out the door; when we venture out on a road trip or decide to set up camp and make a temporary home-away-from-home. Below are just a few of the gorgeous pieces she will have for the show:

Finally, if you would like to hear us say a few things about the show, click here:

We’d love for you to come and waste some time with us next Saturday night! See exhibit details in the Gallery below ...

Additional Images