Noticeboard - A Quiet Studio Space Opportunity in St. Catharines

Hello Friends and Art People,

-wondering if you'd kindly share with anyone that might be interested…

I am looking for someone(s) local (downtown St. Catharines) who might want a (free) quiet, private studio space of their own to read, write, knit, make art, music or just ‘get away’.

Another option, if not a creative yourself but love art, is the opportunity of owning my work -if you like my work;-) or free participation in my classes/workshops.

The catch?

You will be company for two dog friends while I’m out of province to be with a loved one who is ill. Dog walks would be great although what these two will seriously crave is your companionship as they are used to me being with them.Accommodation is also an option.

If interested, even if one or two days a week for a few hours, or if you know someone(s) who might be interested, please connect at please feel free to share!

BIG thanks


JAN YATES visual artist
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