Jason Soon

Jason is a mixed media artist primarily working with acrylic paint/ink also prisma color pencils/markers and pencils, charcoal and ink.
From a young age, Jason's passion for art has fueled his talent to create spectacular artwork enjoyed by people internationally.
As a self taught multi-media artist, Jason's wide range of subjects include wildlife, iconic pop culture and comic book characters, portraits and family pets.
With exceptional attention to detail, Jason captivates stunning pictures of wildlife in their natural environment.
His life like iconic pop culture paintings and drawings captures characters from the past and present. Many of Jason's fans have entrusted him for family portraits and their beloved pets.
Do you have a concept or vision for a painting? Let Jason create your personal one of a kind painting.
Coming from Northern Ontario, he is inspired by beauty in life. He strives to make his art a part of beauty and creation for people to appreciate.