George Langbroek

George Langbroek -- is nominated to the Canadian Society of Artists and the Ontario Society of Artists.

He is one of the founding members of the Jordan Art Gallery
and at present on the organizing board of Hamilton's newest
gallery "FLAGSHIP GALLERY" at 237 James St north

George has been an etcher for the past 25 yrs specializing
in the intaglio colour viscosity method.Often incorporating
transparent photo images over top of the etchings to inter-
act and relate with the etched image.
His exploration of the figure usually deals with male and
female relations were the body is celebrated as a gift for
mutual love and gratification of two individuals.

Recently George has been working with a variety of
found materials eg glass,bark ,stone ,slate and metals.
playing with texture colour and imagery.
Also a series of low re leaf stainless steel works that
have a wonderfull inner gleam and shine that
give them a quiet invigorating presence.

George Langbroek

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