October 2018 - Painting Demonstration with Geoff Farnsworth

"Expressive Painting from a Model: Early Stages" with Geoff Farnsworth, Contemporary Fine Art Painter.

Geoff Farnsworth demonstrated how he approaches creating a figurative expressive painting from a model. Jun Liang served as the model at the meeting. Using oils, he showed how he normally sets up the canvas by laying in the figure with line work and tonal areas, with a special concern for colour and edges. From there he developed the piece by brushing in the paint and wiping it off, all the while instructing how he melds observation and classic portraiture with expression and abstraction.

Members were encouraged to bring sketchbooks if they would like to draw along.


Thanks also go to Brita Housez and Shawn Paterson-Laing for providing the tasty treats!