April 2018 - Painting Abstracts Demonstration by Lenore Walker

"My kid could paint that!" or maybe not...

Do you still find yourself staring quizzically at most Abstract Art wondering whether the artist really knew what they were doing? How do we respond to Abstract Art? Is it supposed to be easy, or does everyone find it surprisingly difficult? Is it all arbitrary, or are there hidden rules in Abstract Art-making that we might not know or expect?

We look forward to exploring this at our April SCAA meeting with Abstract Artist/Educator/Art Therapist and fellow member Lenore Walker.

Since childhood, Lenore Walker has been creating and making. Layers of texture and colour applied with inspiration and intention characterize the vibrancy and tranquility in her art. Lenore’s artworks allow her to explore diverse visual and soulful terrain. Her work graces residences and offices in Ontario, B.C., Florida and California. Inspirations include the lakes, sunsets and natural settings of the Niagara Region. She teaches regularly at the Niagara Pumphouse, the Southampton Art School and recently again at Bethany School of Music and Art (BSMA). Lenore also offers private art instruction and consultative support to students enrolled in Brock University’s Fine Arts program. She is a recently qualified Art Psychotherapist (BRE, MRE, DTATI) and offers holistic and trauma-informed Expressive Arts Therapies for clients in addiction recovery, long-term care facilities, hospices, community support agencies and in private session work. Published in SLMM’s “Visual Journeys” book, Lenore is also a sought-after SoulCollage® Facilitator.

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