Noticeboard - Steve Wilson Studios and the Gallery Exhibition Opportunities


Main Gallery (approx. 110 linear feet):

Rental fee is $400/week (minimum 2 week rental), or $1300 for 4 weeks, plus 20% commission on any sales.

Back Gallery (approx. 47 linear feet):

Rental fee is $150/week (minimum 2 week rental) ,plus 20% commission on any sales.

There will be group show opportunities during the year for a fee; if interested, please send name and email, or check the FB page “Steve Wilson Studios and The Gallery” for upcoming shows.


Gallery Hanging Fee per piece is based on size.

Size/price not to exceed size in any direction:

up to 13”x16” including frame $10 per month
up to 22”x26” including frame $20 per month
up to 30”x36” including frame $25 per month
up to 40”x40” including frame $30 per month

[sizes over 40”x40” including frame - ask for price]

plus 15% commission on any works sold.

Works sold will be removed by the buyer at time of purchase; the artist will have the opportunity to replace work sold for the duration of the show. Shows include hanging, labels, and gallery sitting.

The Gallery will take reasonable care during the hanging, showing, and take down of the exhibition. Exhibiting artists are responsible for insuring their own work and equipment.

The Gallery does not charge HST on any works sold. If you collect HST, then HST should be applied to the list price of your portion of the sale. Gallery reserves the right to change prices; please check to see if fees are the same.

Works are hung during non-rental times based on size of art plus frame, full gallery rental takes precedence.


Steve Wilson Studios and The Gallery
4681 Queen St., Niagara Falls, ON

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